By SweetlySensual_Sara

my name is sara...


...but to my callers I am better known as SweetlySensual_Sara. I am a professional online Dominatrix and phone sex operator who has successfully helped over 1000 callers learn more about and come to terms with their Fetishes. I am a professional writer in my "real life”, who loves storytelling, but who also happens to love Fetishism, too. I started out as a phone performer after a friend suggested I try it for fun, and I ended up falling in love with it completely. My love for my work has taken me on a joyful journey and has allowed me to talk to some of the most interesting people imaginable. As a result, it has led me to yearn for a better understanding of different Fetishes. Since starting work as a phone sex operator, I have gotten to know myself better and have discovered that I, too, have Fetishes that I never even knew about. It certainly has made my life much more exciting (and at times more difficult), but now that I am fully able to accept and embrace these Fetishes, I have realized what I have been missing out on for so long. This website focuses primarily on educating others and ourselves in order to understand Fetishism better - you may be here seeking answers for a loved one, or even for yourself, and if you cannot find the answers you are looking for on this page, please feel free to contact me if you'd like to know where else you may find me on the web. I hope you discover something on here that may ring true to you, something that could lead to a path of greater self-discovery, but if not, I at least hope you'll walk away with a better understanding and knowledge of the very secretive and wonderfully imaginative world that is Fetishism. 

Sara xoxo


Fetish Expert / SweetlySensual_Sara