Financial Domination Addiction with Mistress Alisa

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When I first joined Niteflirt, I had no cooking clue what financial domination was. All I knew was that a lot of men wanted it and that a lot of men were ready to give me a lot of money for very little work.

Over the past eighteen months, I have tried my hand at financial domination on and off, but it has never been a fetish that I was able to fully wrap my head around. I have always held the belief that one must work hard for one’s money, so when I got my first financial domination client, naturally I found it a little disconcerting. I went and explored the fetish and appreciated it as a fetish that is very imbedded in the psychological – one where “paypigs” or “cashcows” (as these men like to call themselves,) often become dependent on the feeling of giving away their hard-earned money to girls who will squander it on just another new pair of Gucci sunglasses they really do not need.

When you do a search of “FinDom” on Twitter, you’ll often find “slaves” professing their love to these “Goddesses” by giving up their cherished time spent with friends and family so that their money can go to a Mistress (or as Alisa likes to say, “Bambi or Barbie”) instead. Sometimes these men fall so far down the rabbit hole, that they are incapable of getting themselves to stand up again, often looking back years later in shame with thoughts such as “How did I get to this very low point in my life? Where did all my money really go?”  

There are women out there who are extraordinary at navigating this fetish and who can meet a need in some of these men. Others, however, do it for unethical reasons and are not even slightly concerned with how many lives they ruin in their quest of living the most over-the-top lifestyle they possibly can. These women are often driven by self-indulgence and will destroy someone’s life without even thinking twice about it.

There are thousands of fake Findommes out there, but occasionally, you come across someone truly valuable and worthy of paying attention to – someone intellectual, cultured, with a distinctive and exceptional approach to Findom. I am so thrilled that I found Mistress Alisa’s profile on Niteflirt and that she granted me an interview.


I hope you will find our chat to be of interest to you and that you’ll have a much better idea of the incredibly subconscious and mystifying world that is financial domination. If you are someone who has this fetish, may this open your eyes and give you the much-needed knowledge you need to seek out the real Dommes who would be able to guide instead of annihilate you.


If you or someone you know need help for financial domination, sex, porn, or masturbation addiction, please do not hesitate to contact Mistress Alisa for counseling by clicking here.










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