Interesting Facts You Did Not Know About a "Girlfriend Experience"

From "Secret Diary of a Call Girl" 

From "Secret Diary of a Call Girl" 

More and more men are establishing connections with ladies who are agreeing to offer them the experience of a lifetime outside of their real life relationships in exchange for phone sex calls, gifts, or money. Turn on your television and you might see "The Girlfriend Experience" or "Secret Diary of a Call Girl" – two shows that have almost completely normalized this phenomenon. Many people are enthralled by the topic, but being charmed is usually where it ends for them. However, for a large number of men, the Girlfriend Experience (be it virtual or real life) poses the prospect of experiencing the picture-perfect love affair with the absolute flawless girlfriend. To many, it truly is a once in a lifetime occurrence. 

This past week I had Ryder on the show. She is one of my fellow flirts on Niteflirt and is what I would like to refer to as "Wonder Woman herself." Ryder is not only swanky, sophisticated, sweet, and witty, but she is also an absolute marketing guru and knows just how to relate to people on a deep and very passionate level. So much so, that even I was ready to give her a call! 

Tune in to the Must Love Fetish Podcast as Ryderdoll and I discuss exactly what a Girlfriend Experience is and why it draws so many men. 










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