Professional Cuddling with Dr. Yoni Alkan

Episode 9 describes Dr. Alkan as, "a multidisciplinary guy who creates an island of calmness away from the bustling world. A perfect combination of attentive touch and a good listener, mixed with a good dose of relaxation.

Dr. Alkan has a Doctorate in Human Sexuality, and a Masters in conflict resolution. While having a technical background, he also taught dance and played music for over two decades.

Having so many different perspectives makes him a very talented before-during-and-after-care-giver: While his soft and gentle touch can be soothing and comforting, he is also quite the conversation buddy and can really hold space for anyone in need."


I am beyond excited to talk to Dr. Alkan about what exactly this non-sexual, consensual form of touch is all about. 










Dr. Yoni Alkan, Certified Professional Cuddler,

Dr. Yoni Alkan, Certified Professional Cuddler,

Knowledge of the week to take with you

  • Professional cuddling is a nonsexual form of therapy. 
  • Professional cuddling teaches consent and cuddle parties are often also referred to as "consent workshops."
  • As human beings, we need touch in order to thrive, but as a society we steer away from touch, because touch equals sex, and sex equals "taboo." The thing is, touch doesn't have to equal sex. Touch can also just mean one human being reaching out to another in a way that implies nothing more than to bring about a feeling of comfort. 
  • Many people still consider sex to be taboo, and therefore it is vital for us to constantly promote a sex-positive culture. 

Some words of wisdom

"Technology can help us find one another." - Dr. Yoni Alkan
"Our society is pushing touch away from our every day lives. You can see that by the way people react to touch or how they react to talking about professional cuddling." - Dr. Yoni Alkan
"In our society touch equals sex and sex equals taboo. If this is a taboo then I won't talk about sex, which means I won't even talk about touch." - Dr. Yoni Alkan
"Touch doesn't have to be sexual." - Dr. Yoni Alkan
"People don't understand how important touch is in their lives. A lot of people are lacking touch in their lives. The problem lies in making them see that touch is what they are missing." - Dr. Yoni Alkan
"Everything has become so fast-paced that we are letting our emotional well-being suffer as a result of it." - Sara
"One of the major issues is the coupling of touch with sex." - Dr. Yoni Alkan
"This would be fantastic to recommend to my BDSM submissive clients as a form of nonsexual after-care therapy." - Sara
"Professional cuddling can be defined as nonsexual, consensual touch." - Dr. Yoni Alkan

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