You're a Looner

Episode 6

We have a looner! Yes! Life is sweet and I have never been more excited to speak to someone with a fetish before. The reason? I did not think that any looners would come forward, but, yup, we have Rodney, and Rodney is more than happy to tell me all about his balloon attraction.









Fetish knowledge of the week to take with you

  • The majority of looners are between the ages of 20-30 and most are male. This could be, because the younger generation (particularly males) are more prone to be open about sex.
  • A looner might not necessarily have a sexual attraction towards balloons. It could also be romantic, or even platonic. 
  • There are different types of looners. Some like to pop balloons, whereas others might dislike popping and even go so far as to say that it makes them very uncomfortable.


Fetish words of wisdom... Let it be... 

"I accept it now. It never used to be like that. I felt like a freak, but have since met someone who shares my interest." - Rodney
"I never considered bringing girls to my house. I have tons of balloons around my place and for a long time it was terrifying to imagine introducing a girl to that." - Rodney
"When it got to a point where my love interest would want to come over to see my place, that would usually be when the relationship would come to an end." - Rodney
"I had a lot of short term relationships, because it's hard when you can't talk to someone about your fetish. I mean, how far can a relationship like that really go?" -Rodney
"I never knew that a balloon fetish falls under the latex category." - Sara
"Not every looner gets attached to their balloons, but I am still emotionally attached in some way or another and have had to make my girlfriend understand that my balloons will never replace her."
"Sometimes we have vanilla sex, but I don't always get the sexual satisfaction that I really want."
"There is a huge sub-culture of looners. We have so many options for communication through dating sites and the internet and before I discovered that, I felt very alone."
"I see every balloon as a person. Some I am more attracted to - like my round balloons, others are just there in my room."
"Sometimes I feel like one balloon might be watching me with another balloon and then it'll get jealous. Almost like I am cuckolding a balloon."
"Red balloons are kind of pornographic to me, but with pink balloons I enjoy the act of lovemaking."

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