It's My Lifestyle

Episode 7

Sara gets a phone call from Tracy in London who shares what life as a swinger in "The Lifestyle" is really like. 









Fetish knowledge of the week to take with you

  • There are more than 9 million swingers in the US alone. 
  • Most swingers lead very normal lives and are able to compartmentalize between their personal and swinging lives. 
  • A couple has to have a very strong bond in order to survive a swinging relationship. 


Fetish words of wisdom... Let it be... 

"The lifestyle lends itself to not carrying the emotional baggage that a regular threesome would."
"The more people who know about swinging, the less stigma involved."
"Swinging has become a lot more socially acceptable."
"It's a very caring community and there is never a question about protection. You are always encouraged to protect yourself."
"Saying 'no' on the night if you're not feeling it, is not unheard of."
"Consent and respect is really important in the swinging world."
"My husband and I believe that in our relationship, the sexual satisfaction does not really lie with one another."
"We always leave holding hands. We always know that our relationship and bond is growing stronger."
"Keeping a job, being a wife/husband, and also having to please your partner sexually is a lot of pressure. Swinging takes that pressure off of it."

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