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In this episode, we get to speak to George, an Engineer living in Chicago. George has kept his quicksand fetish quiet for most of his life but is excited to share his experiences and wisdom about his love for quicksand with us. 

Tarzan and Jane

Tarzan and Jane

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but here are a few takeaways from our conversation with George:

  • There is both a personal as well as social stigma involved with this fetish.

"Sometimes I have a difficult time dealing with it even though I've lived with this fetish for years. A part of me wants to protect it and keep it safe - keep it a secret, yet I hate it sometimes, because it kind of makes me feel somewhat like a freak."
  • This fetish differs vastly from person to person.

"It's different for everybody. I actually like it more when someone isn't THAT much submerged, but I am just talking from my point of view here. For me, it's more about the 'damsel in distress' fantasy, actually. I like the idea of a beautiful woman with really long legs in quicksand. In the fantasy, I find her and then I get to save her."
  • Sometimes a fetish just is what it is... enjoyable.

"I want to keep this a secret, because it kind of makes me feel a little naughty - which is part of the appeal. Also, I don't want to tell the people closest to me and have them analyze it in too much detail. Right now, in my mind, it is what it is and I am getting enjoyment from it."


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