The Man in the Rubber Mask - Show Notes

Episode 7


Oh no, guys! I realized that I got all excited about iTunes accepting my podcast, that I totally screwed up and wrote the podcast title in the episode title section... my bad! Just slap me on the wrist and then unsubscribe if you'd like to be a beeech about it. I would like to apologize for this - sincerely - please know that I am still very much in the beginning of getting this podcast going, but I wanted to thank each and every one of you who tuned in to episode 1 that is actually rightfully titled "The Man in the Rubber Mask." 

This was an exciting episode for me - not just because it was the one that I felt would stand out most on iTunes for a first, but also because it is a fetish that I don't really know all that much about - which means that this was just as educational for me as it was for you. Talk about throwing myself into the deep end here - phew! Luckily, Chad was incredibly helpful and is so open and comfortable with talking about his kink, that he made me feel completely at ease which made this recording a total blast! Very few people know that "masking" actually exists, so I am thrilled that we got to speak to someone as informative and sincere as Chad. 

A little background on our guest: Chad works as a fashion stylist at some of the most amazing fashion events all over the world - fashion week etc. He has styled some of the world's biggest celebrities and has worked closely with some of the top brand name designers out there - I was absolutely star-struck by his confidence and charisma, and also his complete willingness to allow me to be part of this very private part of this life. I even got a front-row seat when he tried his mask on for me. What was so great about this episode is the fact that Chad has this incredibly unique fetish that actually lends itself to his profession really well - maybe it's luck, maybe it's skill... or maybe the fetish gods just really love this man! Chad is what we in the fetish world would call a "doll" or a "masker" or just somebody who enjoys "masking" - so, there's your fetish lingo for the week. 

Believe it or not, but there is actually quite a big underground society of men in rubber masks.








Fetish knowledge of the week to take with you

  • Masking is not about sexuality.
  • No matter where you go you will always find people who will not embrace fetish - Chad explains that in New York and Los Angeles (two open-minded and accepting cities,) he has had the hardest time dealing with this fetish and was actually accosted for going out on the town dressed up as "Tessa." 

  • This is a very expensive fetish and Chad has spent upwards of $10 000 on his latex suits. 

From the documentary "Men In Rubber Masks" - available on Netflix

Fetish words of wisdom... Let it be... 

"Everybody has their own idea of what it is, but what I strive for is to have it be really realistic, but there are people who like to explore the "doll-aspect" of masking."
"I work as a stylist and I get a lot of access to clothes that many people might not have access to. To me, this is an artistic expression - I am surrounded by feminine beauty a lot."
"I have a couple different femskins I like to use. Different tone skins, different body shapes. I also use 100% real human hair wigs."
"I choose a certain celebrity and then emulate them."
"it's about whatever I'm in the mood for that day and my look goes based on how I feel."
"Masking has nothing to do with being gay." 
"A lot of people assume that maskers are wanting to have sex with men. Often times a lot of maskers are attracted to women and it is more about an expression of beauty and extension of self."
"Often times you don't do anything "dirty." You just go about your normal day and do normal things."
"For the most part people in LA have been open to my masking."
"I like to completely transform. I like to sometimes forget that Chad is there for a moment and just enjoy being Tessa."
"I've spent upwards of $10000 on my latex stuff alone."

From the documentary "Men In Rubber Masks" - available on Netflix

Some things to check out after you've listened to the show


I would like to thank you for taking the time to listen to this episode - lets keep broadening our horizons, yeah?

Be sure to watch the documentary called "Men In Rubber Masks" on Netflix. I thoroughly enjoyed it and found it to be very sensitive and respectful towards maskers as well as its audience.

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