The Kinky Podcast

For Vanilla Folk.


The Must Love Fetish podcast shines a light on real people living with mild to wild fetishes or kinks. 


This weekly podcast hosted by professional online Dominatrix & phone sex operator, SweetlySensual_Sara, features an interview style format to help better understand the psychology behind certain fetishes & kinks, & what it is like to live with one.   

By taking the stigma out of the equation, Sara makes her guests human & relatable to the every day man.
— Podcast Subscriber, iTunes
Sara is witty, charming, brave, and passionate. She is giving a voice to a community that is usually silenced and ashamed.
— Podcast Subscriber, iTunes
Never have such delightfully sexy words been uttered in a more smooth seductive voice.
— Phone Sex Client
Sara in Arabic, Hebrew, and Persian means woman of high rank, often simply translated as “Princess.” Goddess is more like it. ♥
— Phone Sex Client
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There's a fetish for everyone.