1. The Hugo

It's black, it's beautiful, and you'll be in for the surprise of your life! I've heard many a man and client tell me that there is nothing quite as amazing as a prostate orgasm and even though our dear Hugo may look intimidating at first glance, once you breather, let go, and allow him to take control, you will experience one of the best orgasms that you've ever had. What's convenient about this toy is that it comes with different settings and speeds, thus allowing you to go at the pace at which you'll feel most comfortable with, in order to really explore and get to know your prostate on a very intimate level. The Hugo is great for solo, as well as partner, or even phone sex sessions. He comes in a variety of funky colors, too. 

Available for purchase here


2. The Tenga - Keith Haring  

Originally from Japan, this slick and super funky little toy is definitely one you won't be ashamed of when you may have to get searched while traveling. With its funky Keith Haring design, you might even be proud to show it off. Not only is it nice to look at, but it creates a powerful suction that makes for a very intense sexual experience. How tight you want it depends on how you grip it, but it is just as effective for thrusting back and forth without gripping. I'd like to also add that the Tenga takes care of your lubricant needs by automatically releasing more when needed, so that you can focus purely on enjoying yourself without the worry of having to add more lube. It's simple, it's sexy, it's orgasmic, and it's definitely trendy! 

Available for purchase here


3. The Tenga Easy Beat Egg Masturbator

I think this Egg Masturbator is pretty damn cute and perhaps I added it in because of how freaking adorable it is, but that's not its only appeal. It's also a masturbation must-have. It slides on easily like a condom once opened up and creates a silky and tight sensation all around your shaft. It is super supple, elastic and soft - just like a real vagina and has been described by buyers as: 

"They provided me with great personal pleasure when used solo, but when my gf participated for the first time I had the BEST HJ experience I have ever had." 
"The insides are all different. The packaging is quirky and fun. Everything about them are fun!"

Available for purchase here